Chelsea Escorts

Welcome to our Chelsea escorts gallery at London Deluxe, where you will find the most sizzlingly hot companions available in the area; who will all provide you with a true high class experience. Just by looking at our catalogue above you can see that our girls are on another level when it comes to beauty and they are the finest you will be able to find in Chelsea.

Why pick a Chelsea Escort from London Deluxe?

When making a booking with London Deluxe you can be sure that the quality of the Chelsea escorts we have available will be incomparable to any other agency. We have simply the best in terms of model looks and charming personalities, with a huge range of companions who will blow your mind in mere seconds when you finally meet them. We take a long time to make sure that every companion that ends up in our catalogue will match our other high-class escorts and they are all absolutely spectacular.

How long does it normally take for one of your Chelsea Escorts to arrive?

The usual estimate that we give is an hour, this is normally kept and should be expected in most cases. However, if there is heavy congestion on the roads it will naturally take longer. You can check Google’s traffic information or any other local provider to see if this will affect your booking at all, or call us and we will advise you further.

Do your Chelsea escorts travel and if so how far?

All of the escorts we have in Chelsea travel up to the edges of London, so if you are hoping to book them while you’re in London there will be no problem but be aware that it might take longer and the surcharge might be more expensive if that’s the case.

What payment methods can I use to pay for my booking?

We currently only accept two payment methods, and they are bank transfer or cash and we will not be accepting any others until further notice. We value transparency between ourselves and our clients therefore we would like to let you know this first before you proceed with your booking.

Are there any possible additional fees that can be added onto my booking?

The only possible fee that can be added onto your booking is a surcharge on the taxi to get your chosen Chelsea escort out to see you, only if it is an outcall booking. The charge will usually be small and added on top of your booking fee, which you will know about before you have to pay it should that be the case. You could consider booking one of our Belgravia or Kensington escorts if you are finding that the fare to get to you is a bit higher than you expected.

What information will I need to pass to reception to book?

When you decide to make a booking we will need some details from you, specifically for outcall bookings as incalls are a bit easier in this regard since you’ll be going to see your chosen escort in Chelsea at her residence. Whereas for an outcall booking we will need the following information from you:

  • Your name
  • The address of the hotel you’ll be staying
  • The contact number of the hotel
  • Your contact number

When you call in or text please provide all of this information over to our reception team, they will then confirm with the hotel you’re staying at before your booking can be fully processed. We value the safety of our Chelsea escorts extremely highly as they are what brings people to our agency, so we do this as a precaution for all outcall bookings.

How can I book a Chelsea Escort from London Deluxe?

You can use four distinct options to choose from in order to book your dream date today, you can see most of them on the top of the page already but we will explain them in detail here.

The first option you can choose is to use the booking form at the top of the page which will allow you to input your details at your own leisure, this is the preferred option for gentlemen who are too uncomfortable to make a phone call in order to make a booking but it will take longer to process than a simple call. 

Speaking of making phone calls the next two options are to call us at 07340991817 or by clicking the WhatsApp or Phone icons at the top of the screen, this will put you through to our reception team and you can then have a quick chat with them and they will explain everything to you as well as answer any questions you may have. 

The final option is to simply text the number above or click the SMS icon at the top of the screen, you can use this to arrange a quick booking via a few texts between you and our reception.