What Does Having a Foot Fetish Mean?

A foot fetish is the sexual interest in feet, toes, ankles and even shoes. Not everybody has the same foot fetish, with some being aroused by simply looking at a ladies foot, whilst others are turned on by seeing painted toe nails, foot jewelry and high heels. Then there are some people who are only turned on by foot worship (sucking and licking toes and the soles of feet) and massaging of the foot - so there are a wide range of things to enjoy with a foot fetish escort.

In 2021, a foot fetish is considered a mainstream sexual kink and if some of the most talked about fantasies to have. Did you know a study found that half of the people asked had a foot fetish, so you are not the only one dreaming about feet.


What Do Clients Meet Foot Fetish Escorts?

Foot fetish escorts are the perfect companions to indulge in your sexual fantasies. Coming in all different shapes and sizes, you can meet girls with all different hair colours, body types and personalities. That wise choice is one of the reasons why these ladies are so popular, but lets look at why clients meet with foot fetish call girls.

The Biology Behind The Pleasure

You might have a foot fetish and not even know why? Studies found that the feet are covered in nerve endings which help to create a more intense sensation - this is why people enjoy having their feet tickled and rubbed. Foot fetish escorts are professional call girls who are trained in the art of foot worship. These ladies know how to massage the feet to help clients achieve pure bliss.

Domination Aspect

Fetishes mainly all come under the BDSM umbrella. Due to this, some people associate foot fetishes with domination and mistresses. Foot fetish escorts can incorporate domination services into their foot fetish treatment, by dominating clients to worship their feet, use their clients as human foot stools, or even stamp/push their feet all over a clients body.

Humiliation Aspect

In some Arab, Muslim and Hindu countries around the world, showing the soles of your feet is a sign of disrespect due to the soles of your feet being considered the dirtiest part of the human body. If you are submissive or like being humiliated, London foot fetish escorts will humiliate you into licking and sniffing the bottom of their feet. These escort girls with use their power to have you below them, doing everything they say to make sure you worship their feet.


How To Book A Foot Fetish Escort

If you want to indulge your desires with a foot fetish escort in London, you will be happy to know we are open 7 days a week, day and night. All foot fetish escorts you find featured on our gallery are available to book at the time your are browsing.

To start your booking call 07340991817. Our receptionist are experts in helping clients meet with fetish escorts. Simply tell us which lady you would like to meet, whether you are booking an incall or outcall and the time you want the date to happen. The team will then confirm your booking. It is as quick and simple as that.