What will a spanking escort do? 

First thing’s first, you will establish your mutual likes and dislikes in the spanking arena. Keep in mind that everyone has different pain tolerances. So, if you’ve enjoyed a spanking escort experience before, it could vary depending on who you are giving or receiving the punishment with. 

Once your boundaries are set, it’s time to decide on your implements. This can be almost anything you like: 

  • Bare hand
  • Belts 
  • Whips 
  • Paddles 

The only limit is your imagination. After that, let the pleasure commence. 


How should you prepare? 

Have your limits and a safe word on hand to make your lines of communication clear. After that’s out of the way, start to fantasise about what you might combine your spanking experience with…

BDSM is a close relation of spanking, so will you cross over with bondage as part of your punishment? 

Role play has an almost inevitable link to spanking too. Teacher-student or boss-employee dynamics are always kinky avenues to go down. 

Finally, if toys and implements are part of your fantasy, make sure either you or your spanking expert have them to hand… literally. 


Book a spanking escort now

If you’re a first time spanker or deeply experienced in the art of erotic discipline, you can book a gorgeous dominant to guide you through. 

Have a scroll through our escorts for spanking now - we’re sure you won’t be disappointed but you might be sore afterwards.