What will a watersports escort do? 

The chance of bumping into a like-minded WS partner in a club is unlikely, so hiring a specialist escort who loves receiving or giving urine is a guaranteed way to satisfy your fantasy. 

Watersports goes hand-in-hand with BDSM and many WS escorts are highly skilled in both. Typically, the dominant urinates on the submissive partner as a means of control, but this can just as easily switch the opposite way. The escort of your choice can facilitate your unique preferences and play the role that serves you best. 


How should you prepare? 

Hydration is key to a successful watersports escort booking. Plenty of water onboard beforehand will not only make sure that the experience goes off without a hitch though. If urinating on your sub is your flavour or vice versa, being hydrated can prevent the urine from stinging the skin. 

Choosing an appropriate location can save a lot on cleaning up, especially if you have carpets or wooden flooring. Golden showers are best given and received in a wet room or bathroom before carrying on with whatever else you have planned. 


Book a watersports escort now. 

If this is you, don’t hesitate to book one of our expert WS escorts to start experiencing your golden fantasy now. Many specialists also provide other similar services such as bondage and humiliation, so you can combine your wee play with any number of other fetishes.