Not for the faint of heart 

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of caning whether in a sexual environment or not; it is a form of corporeal punishment and an impact sub-kink of BDSM where you or your partner is repeatedly hit with a cane to produce a sense of sexual pleasure derived from the pain produced. Oftentimes caning is combined with other kinks such as roleplay or other BDSM sub-kinks to produce a highly effective and sensual experience. 


Practised safely - Enjoyed wildly 

Due to the naturally violent and aggressive nature of this kink, we must advise all clients that this sort of kinkplay is best enjoyed in a safe environment with a safe word - incase things go a little over the top and you need to put a stop to the experience. Otherwise, enjoy this seriously fun and daring kink to your heart's extent. The escorts you will find on this list are all experienced caners who will help you through the experience safely and at your own pace. 

How to book a caning escort? 

It has never been easier to book a caning escort before. This niche fetish that has now come to be enjoyed by millions around the world can easily be accessed through no other than London Deluxe. Simply browse our curated gallery of hand picked dommes and when you pick one who you quite like, call us on 07340991817 and speak to our professional handling team and they will guide you on your path to pleasure as they help you book your date. Once you have done that, you are all booked and done for your date!