What will a sensual wrestling escort do? 

All the girls available on London Deluxe are trained in and love sensual wrestling. They take just as much pleasure from getting up close and personal as you do. 

Your chosen expert can pin or restrain you in a variety of holds designed to bring you closer together. They are all fast, agile and deceptively strong athletes in their own right. You’ll have a challenge on your hands to outmanoeuvre any of our girls. 

Our escorts can also provide additional accessories to enhance your experience. Introduce oils and lubricants to make your bodies glide more seamlessly in and out of intimate positions. 


Why you should book a sensual wrestling escort

First of all, there’s a lot of fun to be had with our expert grapplers if you’re up for the challenge. They are all experienced specialists who can turn on the competitive juices if necessary. 

Wrestling is typically thought of as aggressive, but sensual wrestling can use the same holds and pins for a deep, intimate experience. Being pressed up against a beautiful girl’s oiled body is erotic no matter what. 

Get body on body with our gorgeous selection of grapplers and see why this kink is taking off for yourself. 


Book a sensual wrestling escort now

If you’ve got a competitive spirit but haven’t tried it yet, find out whether you’ve got what it takes to slip out of our specialist escorts’ embraces. Book today and join the rising craze of sensual wrestling.