What will a roleplay escort do? 

This is only limited by your imagination. Many of our gorgeous girls will be happy to act out your dream scenario. Common roleplay could include a nurse, a schoolgirl or a maid. Familiar with the workman and housewife scenario? You will be able to act it out second by second with your carnal companion. 

When you book a roleplay escort, you’re not only limited to dress-up too. Combine your fantasy scenario with other kinks that compliment the power play. Services such as bondage and cross dressing add another thrilling layer to your roleplay session. 


How should you prepare? 

Explain your fantasy scenario to your chosen escort and ensure that she can accommodate it. Keep in mind that some may not be comfortable with or have the facilities for all roleplay fantasies. However, you’d be surprised by how many people secretly harbour their darkest desires… they just need the chance to release them. 

Although costumes can be deeply immersive and extremely alluring, they are not essential to the experience. Roleplay is what you make it and your imagination can be more powerful than complicated costumes. 


Why you should book the service

Roleplay escorts can reveal new layers of your true passion - some of which you might never have considered. Discover how you like to play and never have a boring sexual encounter again.

Feel accepted for your deepest desires, no matter how niche. Our roleplay girls at London Deluxe are highly talented at turning your fantasies into stimulating realities. 

You can get creative and act out entirely new situations that you wouldn’t encounter in your day to day. You get to act and design characters who fit into the ultimate BDSM relationship. 


Book a roleplay escort now

Whether you’ve acted out the weird and wonderful recesses of your mind before or this is your first time, you will not be disappointed with a London Deluxe escort. 

Browse the gorgeous selection of ladies to find the perfect co-star in your darkest dream.