What will a party escort do? 

Our party escorts at London Deluxe are adept at fitting in as whatever companion you might need for the night. They can mingle with your friends and charm your co-workers or get involved with whatever fun you might be having… 

It varies client to client, but your chosen date will prepare however you like for all types of parties. 

They are there to have a good time too. Our party escorts love to socialise and leave a lasting impression on you and other party-goers. Remember to spoil your lady and make sure her glass stays full. 


How should you prepare? 

In advance of taking your gorgeous companion along to the party, be clear about all of your wants and needs for the night. 

  • Do you want additional sexual services after the party? Make it clear upfront and have your night go off without a hitch. 
  • Be open about the type of party that you are attending. Is it a house party, a pool party or a group sex party? Nothing can shock our experienced ladies, but it’s important that they know what to prepare for. 
  • Tell your lady the location in advance. She will want to plan her travel around your schedule.
  • Offer transportation to and from the party. Some of our girls may arrange their own travel, but it always looks good arriving with your sumptuous date by your side.

Communicate openly with your partner for the evening so that you’ll get maximum enjoyment out of each other and have an unforgettable experience together. 


Why should you book a party escort? 

Turn up to a party with one of our stunning girls and it will be sure to attract attention from your friends or co-workers. It’s the ultimate way to walk in and you can even walk away with her at the end if you have agreed on some private services… 

If you’re going to a party alone or you’re the only single attendee, a London Deluxe party escort is the best companion you could wish for. They can help you to mingle with other party-goers or focus solely on you for the night. 

Finally, they know how to have a good time. Our girls are highly experienced social butterflies who can adapt to all types of parties. They know what a civilised cocktail party needs and they can certainly liven up a more raunchy soirée.


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