What is 69ing?

It’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves at some point in our lives. For those of you still wondering, the 69 sex position involves both partners engaging in mutual oral pleasure simultaneously. Not sure how this works? Well, let us explain.

The male simply lies flat on his back while their companion positions themselves on top, straddling his face. Once comfortably settled, the partner on top leans down, her head toward the other person's feet. In this intimate alignment, their mouths connect with each other's genitals for simultaneous oral pleasure, creating a sensual symmetry - hence, the name "69."

Variations of the 69 Position for Oral Lovers

For those who revel in the delight of giving and receiving oral pleasure, the 69 position is unparalleled. Beyond the classic 69 we all adore, there's a plethora of sizzling variations waiting to be explored. All it takes is a little enthusiasm and some strong mouth muscles. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Inverted 69: This twist on the classic sees the man on top, adding a new dimension to the experience.
  • Swinging 69: If you're lucky enough to have a sex swing, this one's a must-try. One partner reclines in the swing with straps around their back, lower butt, and heels, while the other partner, firmly grounded, bends over. In this enticing arrangement, your desires are right in each other's faces, and the pleasure knows no bounds.
  • The Standing 69: This adventurous variation has you holding your partner upside-down while you're both standing, adding an element of thrill to your 69 adventure.

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