The Ultimate Happy Ending 

The act of finishing in a woman’s mouth to some men can be the ultimate sexual experience. We’re not sure about the psychology that goes into this but we cannot refute this fact. For the longest time, clients of escorts have been seeking a CIM service and this is further proved by the fact that CIM services are one of the most sought-after services that an escort in London could offer. Whether you’re looking for this service exclusively or as a cherry on top of a steamy encounter, one thing is for sure: you’re a true connoisseur of a great service if you’re a fan of CIM. 

CIM escorts tend to be fun and explorative girls who enjoy having a bit of fun on the side of the serious business. These types of escorts are oftentimes a lot more bubbly and outgoing and aren’t afraid to get messy in the process. There’s no need for awkward positions, lengthy talks about boundaries or a long build-up for a non-satisfactory finish, CIM escorts are plain and simple. A great oral service and experience with the added “glazing” on top. 

No added stress! 

We often get worried clients who aren’t really seeking a social engagement as much as they are simply looking for a great encounter with otherworldly pleasures who say that they’re looking for a service where there is not a highly involved social aspect of the service. We almost always recommend CIM services to them for a few main reasons. First of all, a CIM service is simple if performed in isolation to other services. You meet your date and she gets right down to business! 

Whether you’ve booked your date for an immersive GFE encounter with plenty of cuddles and soft pillow talk or if you’re returning home after a sweaty night of dancing with your date, you simply cannot refuse the enticing nature of a CIM. 

London is a big place - don’t explore it alone! 

London is one of the largest metropolises in the entirety of Europe with more than 6 million residents and countless more visiting on the daily on vacation or business, amidst all these crowds, it is sometimes incredibly easy to feel lost and alone, especially when you’re not a permanent resident here. 

This is why we're here to connect you with the city's most beautiful escorts, many of which offer an amazing CIM service that will leave you feeling fully satisfied! We firmly believe that everyone seeking, should be offered a great and affordable service at their convenience. This means that whether you’re looking for an intense session of bed domination, an intimate and immersive Girlfriend Experience or if you’re seeking the thrills of a Pornstar Experience, London Deluxe is here to connect you to the best premium escorts in London so that you can fully focus on planning and executing your dream date with a hot babe. 

How to book a quality CIM escort in London? 

The booking process is oftentimes the most feared part of an escort encounter by clients. We understand why; after all for the longest time, agencies have been plagued by unhelpful customer service assistants and call handlers who are plain rude to you are just one of the few things that brought upon this bad stigma that comes with a booking process. 

At London Deluxe we have worked tirelessly to ensure that our booking process is the furthest from this as possible! Our process is simple and you may already know this as it’s nothing special: simply browse any of our extensive galleries and once you have picked a girl (or two) perfect for your date, you can contact us through our open communication channels! 

You can reach us on our phone number via calling. When called, your call will be answered by one of our professional call handlers who will guide you through the booking process and tell you everything you need to know to be ready for your dream date! This number can also be contacted via WhatsApp and regular SMS texting so you may use whichever channel is most comfortable to you. 

Once you have done these things, worry no longer because the only thing you have left to do is prepare for your otherworldly date with a girl of your dreams!