What is Deep French Kissing?

So, DFK – that's Deep French Kissing for those new to the world of escorts. Deep French kissing is one of the most intimate forms of interaction you can have with escorts which is why not all the girls we have working in London offer it as a service. This kind of kissing goes by a few names: snogging, making out, deep kissing, necking… the list goes on. With lips locked, hearts pounding, and sparks flying between bodies, it’s no wonder the DFK escorts London has to offer are so popular. The act is more than just a kiss… more than just a peck on the lips - it's a full-on experience that cranks up the heat in every moment.

How to French Kiss Like a Pro

So, you're about to dive into the world of Deep French Kissing escorts? Get ready for a crash course on making those kisses not just good but downright unforgettable. Here's your ticket to smooch success:

Keep Your Lips Soft: Let’s start with the basics. Soft, moist lips are the canvas for an exquisite kiss. Hydrate those bad boys or give them a little lick for that extra oomph.

Freshen Your Breath: Bad breath? That's a hard pass. Brush those pearly whites, and if you're feeling fancy, pop some gum. Your DFK escort will appreciate the effort, and so will your confidence.

Find the Right Moment: Don't just jump in for the kill. Choose the right moment - a time when passion is thick in the air, and you've got some privacy. Your first French kiss deserves the perfect setting.

Make Eye Contact: Eyes aren't just for seeing; they're for setting the mood. Lock eyes, convey your intentions, and let the anticipation build.

Move In and Tilt Your Head: Approach with confidence, tilt your head a bit, close those eyes, and let the magic happen with a gentle brush of lips. Keep it cool, keep it confident.

Explore with Your Tongue: When the moment is right, introduce your tongue gently. Keep it in motion, and let the fun begin. Run your tongue along her lips or slide your tongue along theirs, slowly and gently. Also, be sure to match your DFK London escort’s movements, and before you know it, you’re engaging in a passionate Deep French Kiss.

Additional Pro Tips:

Breathe Like a Pro: In through the nose, out through the nose. Breathing through your mouth whilst you’re locking lips is not sexy.

Hands in Play: The worst thing your hands can do during a Deep French Kiss is, well, nothing! Run those fingers through her hair or hold the back of her head. Trust us; it adds that extra sizzle.

Nibbling Adds a Bit of Spice: If you're feeling adventurous with teeth, go slow. Not everyone is up for a nibble, so gauge the vibe.

There you have it - your crash course on Deep French Kissing. Now go out there, pucker up, and make those moments sizzle!

About Our Gorgeous DFK Escorts in London

Right; now that we’ve covered the technique, let's get to the good stuff - our stellar lineup of DFK London escorts. These sultry and passionate ladies are here to deliver on your wildest desires, so go ahead and take a sneak peek at what we've got in store for you!

Whether you fancy a busty blonde who knows her way around a kiss, a petite brunette with a mischievous twinkle, or a mature Russian bringing the wisdom of experience - we've got them all. Young Europeans? Oh, they're in the mix too. Leather-clad mistresses or your go-to girl for a passionate GFE experience? Take your pick; the Deep French Kiss escort of your dreams is just a click away.

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