An unbeatable service 

Not many men can admit that they have had the pleasure - or should I say pain - of trying a ball busting service. Our girls will take you from light slapping and squeezing to whatever they wish to subject you to - after all, you need to be put in your place for the lowly man that you are. Our dommes love seeing you in pain, begging for more and making the cutest noises that you can humanly make. Whether you enjoy another type of fetish mixed in with Ball Busting or you're a true conniseur of Ball Busting by itself, you will agree that this delicacy is best enjoyed multiple times. 

Kickstart your escort experiences 

Many people feel rather anxious and tense when approaching their first escort encounter which is perfectly natural. Ball busting is not an experience for the faint of heart, which is why the London escort girls we have offering it have been practising it for years to ensure your safety. Our escorts want to do everything in their power to please you and make you as happy as possible which often times includes fulfilling seemingly strange or uncommon requests for the sake of your pleasure. 

How to book a ball busting escort? 

It has never been so easy to book a ball busting escort! Before, you had to look really hard for an escort offering such a service and then was the stressful process of booking her for a date. In today's day and age, simply you just have to browse through our selection of escorts and once you have picked someone you like, just give us a call on 07340991817 or contact us through our Whats App and you're ready to date!