What will a trampling escort do? 

As the submissive, you will lie on your back or stomach as your chosen escort walks over any part of your body you want. This ranges from simply walking to jumping and stomping. This can also be targeted at the body parts of your choosing including the back, stomach, chest, genitals or even face. 

Also down to your choosing, this can be delivered barefoot, wearing socks or nylons, and any shoes. Popular choices that our trampling escorts can provide are heels, boots and sandals.

Trampling finds crossovers with many of our other fetish and BDSM services too. It is common for both submissives and dominants with trampling kinks to also enjoy foot fetishes or identify as macrophiles - a fetish that fixates around giants or giantesses. 


How should you prepare? 

Your first port of call should be setting your limits. This includes deciding on the duration of a trampling session and whether either the dominant or the submissive will need breaks. Even though muscles getting tired and deprived of oxygen can be part of the ultimate thrill, it is important for your overall enjoyment of the experience that these limits are set. 

Have in mind what body parts you would like the most underfoot attention giving to as well. If you’re only a beginner or thinking of trying out trampling for the first time, consider keeping clear of the neck and joints. You don’t want to jump and stomp before you can walk. Discovering where your limits are can be just as stimulating. However, if you’re a more experienced sub, you probably already know your way around the arena. 

Be mindful of size too. A small sub walking over a larger dom will have fewer risks to consider when inflicting pain than if the roles were switched. 

Finally, a bit of housekeeping that might seem obvious if you are seasoned in the world of trampling. Don’t overeat and be sure to use the toilet beforehand. You don’t want any interruptions getting in the way of your sensual experience. 

Whether you’re a complete beginner wanting to delve into the incredible world of trampling or a returning, satisfied sub, you can book one of our beautiful specialists for the ultimate trampling escort encounter.