What will a slapping escort do? 

You might not have thought that escorts would offer slapping as a sensual service, but many appreciate erotic impact play just as much as you do. When you book one of our slapping escorts, you have the choice of being the giver or the receiver of the impact, whichever way you sway. Depending on your taste, it can be as hard or as gentle as you please, which makes slapping a personal, unique experience. Browse our slapping escorts gallery and start plotting the impact your carnal partner will make. 

Our slapping escorts will up the ante or soften their blows depending on your tolerance for pain. You may even get to return the favour if it is agreed upon beforehand. They are experienced in the art of impact play, therefore they can customise your experience depending on your preference. 

Crucial to a successful session with one of our slapping escorts is communication. To the best of your ability, communicate your kinks to your chosen escort in advance and your booking will go off without a hitch. Throughout your session, this will also ensure that both you and your lady are comfortable with the levels of impact. 


Why should you book a slapping escort? 

Slapping slips seamlessly in with other erotic services offered by our London escorts. If you have begun your journey down the avenue of impact play, spanking and caning are welcome additions to the party too. For our more masochistic clients, you may combine all of our mistress’ services to create the ultimate slapping session that will stay with you long after your booking. 


How to Book a Slapping Escort 

Have you got your eyes on one of our sumptuous slapping escorts? Get in touch with us to secure her services and be on your way to an adventurous night of eroticism. Give us a call with any questions you may have about our girls or their services and we will be happy to assist. We look forward to matching you up with the kinky lady to bring out your wild side