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It does help of course, and you’ll enjoy yourself a lot more perhaps, but it’s not essential. There are a few new places opening up here and there in London at the moment and we thought it a prudent idea to let you know about a few of our favourites. High class London escorts, such as ourselves, are well aware that you gentlemen are often looking for new and exciting places to take your dates, so here you go!

High class London escort recommendations

Here are a few of the latest new bars and restaurants to open. You simply have to try at least one of them! Oh, and don’t let the title put you off, the following places are by no means “dives!”

  • Piste – Archer Street. Perfect for those of you who are missing the ski season (not long to wait of course!). Piste is a new theme for Archer Street and it’s simply lovely. All that’s missing is the weather and the skis when you enter into this rustic, Scandinavian log cabin. The perfect underground bar to relax with a high class London escort of your choice!
  • Savurè – If you’ve ever been to the north of Italy, in particular Turn, you may be familiar with this already. Savurè is a popular pasta restaurant in Turin, and now they’re ready to bring it to fashionable Shoreditch. You’re going to love this place if you like truly traditional Italian food. If you book whilst the sun is still out in London, you can dine alfresco too!

So there you have it. There’s always plenty to choose from in the city, but these two places are new. Going to a new bar or restaurant is always nice because you just know they’re out to impress. Let’s hope that you can get a date to go with you. If you can’t, never forget that our high class London escorts are always ready, and only a phone call away. You could be romancing with a beautiful young model in under an hour!

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