The Importance Of London Escort Reviews

Whilst we appreciate any reviews you might throw our way or post on independent review sites out there, we would like to point out just how useful they can be to you too! Captain 69, The Erotic Review, Punterlink, are just a few names of some of the better independent review sites out there at the moment and if you’re a member of any one of these websites you really must be a serious client. London escorts reviews are posted on these websites all the time and they form the backbone of a community that has become so valuable to both escorts and customers.

Getting what you pay for

When you shop for anything these days you have to admit that through one way or another you have been manipulated somewhat into buying what you do. You’ve either got a particular song in your head that you relate to a product, or you’ve simply been targeted for ads on Facebook or Google or something. But the most valuable influence you could possibly get is from a genuine review. This is why you should try to look at London escort and international escort review sites whenever possible.

The reviews you read have actually been written by verified members of the independent review site and websites like Captain 69 for example also provide an open forum where clients can actually message service providers and any issues can be addressed. Another good thing, and you won’t get all London escort agencies writing this, is that the member’s forum allows clients to discuss their experiences with other clients.

Building an agency reputation

Of course, now you have to hear it from our side. We encourage the use of independent escort review sites, not only because they are impartial and have more wallop than most reviews you’ll see on an actual agency site, but because they let people know you mean business and you’re trying your best to keep your London escorts business at the top of its game (no pun intended there!)

If an agency reads a poor review or any negative criticism about their services, or indeed the girls they represent, they can immediately address this if they take it seriously. If an agency is prepared to address issues created by their clients, they are indeed to be trusted if they get it right in the end! We hope you will have lots of amazing experiences you’ll want to review with London Deluxe!

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