Offers from The Hilton for August

There are few people that know more about Hilton hotels than London escorts. It’s for this reason we can give you a little more information than you’d get from TripAdvisor! Today we’re looking at the best hotel offers for August…

Staying in at any Hilton hotel is a pleasure. We can honestly say that we’ve never had any of our London escorts complaining about their visits to these hotels, and believe us when we tell you that they would if there was something wrong! These women don’t suffer poor service lightly you know.

The Hilton Summer Sale!

Yes hotels have sales too you know. But they have the sense to have their sales in the middle of summer, when people actually want the good prices. At the moment our London escorts tell us that you can get up to 30% off at 300 Hilton hotels worldwide. So whether you’re staying in London or not, you’ll get the best deals. Here’s a list of the London Hilton hotels that have 30% off:

• Hilton Doubletree – London Bridge • Hyde Park • Islington • Westminster • West End • Victoria • Marble Arch •  Docklands • Hilton London Metropole • London Hilton on Park Lane • The Trafalgar • Conrad – London St James • Hilton London Gatwick • Hilton London Heathrow • The Waldorf Hilton • Hilton London – Green Park • Hilton London – Tower Bridge • Hilton London – Wembley • Hilton London – Kensington • Hilton London – Canary Wharf

Members of Hilton

If you’re going to travel to London regularly then it may interest you to know that the members get the biggest discounts and complimentary offers. For example, if you go to their website now you’ll find that members get 35% off and they get complimentary Wi-Fi access at selected hotels. That’s pretty good we reckon. And if you’re saving money on your hotel stay, you can afford to spend a little extra on the more important things, like the company of some of the finest London escorts in the city! This membership is called being part of the Hilton Honours Programme and it’s really worth it.

So have a dirty weekend! That’s all there is to it really. Whether you’re booking London escorts or not in order to have fun, you can get away from it all for the weekend and really let yourself go! The Hilton brand is globally accepted as being one of the best you can book with and depending on where you’re staying, they’re very reasonably priced, even without the offers we mentioned. So you’ve got a room at The Hilton, now all you need is a beautiful companion…

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