Be careful! This Christmas choose London Deluxe

London escortsWell, when we say “indulge your desires,” we don’t mean literally anything of course! Only if your London escort is into the idea of course. The point we’re trying to make here is that London escorts, particularly the high class variety, are far more likely to be open to your flirtations than the girls at the office. And we all know what damage an office party can do don’t we?

Don’t get too sozzled at your party!

If you drink excessively then you’re likely to do something you’ll regret for the whole of the following year. You will essentially end up as the guy who might do it all again at the next party and you will be avoided like the plague! Take control of your urge to get hammered. We all know that working at that place has more than likely taken it out of you all year, but save your “celebrating” for the appropriate moment and company. London escorts for example are a perfect way for you to channel your party side.

That said, this rule also applies to booking London escorts of course. Nine times out of ten, if you attempt to book an escort when you’re drunk, you’ll be very disappointed anyway. No escort worth her salt wants to spend time with a man who is off his head, let’s face it. A man with zero inhibitions is neither attractive or terribly sensible, not to mention the fact that all his gentlemanly charms will go quite literally out of the window!

A little more advice about your office party:

·         Do not dance on anything that is not the floor

·         Do not wear antlers

·         Do not tell anyone how you “really feel” about work

·         Do not chat up your work colleagues

·         Do not use the photocopier for anything other than photocopying

Just a little friendly advice there… We’re certain that you’re going to avoid those things anyway of course (well, we hope so!)

Treat your London escorts with the utmost respect

London escorts from London Deluxe are here to make your Christmas and New Year experience one that you will remember. So please, don’t make it one that they’re going to want to forget! Be a gentleman, make sure you treat them in a manner to which they have become accustomed. High class London escorts from London Deluxe can be amazingly attentive and affectionate companions, but they can also quite easily walk out of the door with your money and go home; and they’d be quite justified in doing so by the way.

Having said that, you will find the girls to be very tolerant of “festive” behaviour, as long as it’s not out of control! Take a look at our gallery now and make your choice…

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