Everything you need to know about tantric massage

Tantric massage is one of the biggest services you see advertised on many escort agency websites and directories, but there aren’t many providers that really explain what this means outside of the obvious erotic connotations. There are a huge variety of benefits to receiving a tantric massage, which I’ll be going over a little bit later.

The primary goal is heightened sensitivity through careful stimulation of the body’s erogenous zones, which leads to an incredible orgasmic experience quite unlike any other as it incorporates the tantric essence of kundalini. This refers to a type of erotic energy which spreads throughout your body and builds up as the massage runs its course.

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What is tantric massage?

Tantric massage is a form of erotic massage that has a millennia-old series of Buddhist teachings at its core. These massages are often performed with both masseuse and client being completely naked. Initially you’ll be swathed in warm, sensual oils and your masseuse will use her whole body to tease and massage you. This, in theory, causes your sexual energies to course through your body while relaxing you and promoting heightened sensations.

These massages use principles from a variety of Asian cultures from India to Japan. They help bring your body to a state of absolute relaxation and sexual liberation. Your masseuse will help you free your mind, body and soul of any negativity that you may be feeling and gradually introduce feelings of erotic stimulation to intensify the end result. This will leave you feeling reinvigorated well beyond the realms of traditional massages while still enjoying all of the standard benefits.

Tantric massages are an exceptionally sensual experience with incredible skin-to-skin contact across your entire body. They heighten all of your senses and have a variety of healing benefits on top of the whole body orgasms you get to enjoy.

When booking a tantric massage, it’s important to take into consideration that a proper tantric session usually takes three hours or more. Because of this, you need to think carefully about booking your massage in an area where you’re unlikely to be disturbed; so hotel rooms and incall appointments are highly recommended.

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Types of tantric massage

The primary types of tantric massage simply refer to the sex of the person they’re being performed on. These are lingam (penis) and yoni (vagina) massages and obviously refer to tantric massages performed on males and females respectively. There are countless other types of massage that could be considered to have tantric elements, but for the purpose of this article I’ll briefly go over some of the more common tantric sub-categories. These are as follows:

Aqua massage: This is a simple type of tantric massage that takes place in the shower or bath (or any other place where you’re either submerged in water or have it running on you). This is a cleansing ritual that’s usually used to start the tantric experience before drying off and moving into the bedroom to get into the more intense parts of the service.

Tie & tease massage: This type of tantric massage is fairly self-explanatory. It’s ideal for those who are into a bit of kinky fun and those who enjoy dominatrix services. Essentially this is a body-to-body massage involving light elements of bondage and more prolonged teasing. It’s pretty common for tie and tease massages to incorporate use of a blindfold to remove your sight and heighten your other senses, although this can actually benefit other tantric services as well if you’re comfortable with the idea.

Four hands massage: Have you ever booked a duo escort service? If so, you’re already very familiar with the concept of a four hands massage. This simply entails two masseuses pampering and teasing your entire body, which I can say from experience is an utterly mind-blowing adventure.

Swedish massage: Swedish tantric massages also incorporate techniques that provide deep tissue relief and help to reduce muscular tension – much like a regular massage you might enjoy in a high street salon. This is a great way to get all of the benefits of a regular massage while still enjoying an erotic service quite unlike any other.

Nuru massage: Nuru massages are an ancient Japanese practice that is often considered an alternative to tantric massage, but realistically achieves the same goals and has very similar techniques. Where Nuru massages differ slightly, is that they’re almost entirely focused around your masseuse sliding her body up and down yours throughout the process, using a variety of sensual oils to heighten your senses further.

Indian head massage: This holistic treatment uses a variety of principles of acupressure and is usually performed in addition to a standard tantric experience. It’s used to relieve stress and tension throughout your head and face to rebalance the energies contained there and is an excellent start to your tantric session.

The origin of Tantra

Tantra itself originates in India and goes as far back as the fifth century. Centred around the Hindu goddess Shakti, as well as being rooted in Buddhist culture; tantric teachings believe that both physical and spiritual parts of the body are intrinsically connected and should be stimulated together to nurture the body and reach spiritual enlightenment.

Extremely popular throughout Asia and becoming increasingly popular in the West, tantric massages are a physical variation of the concepts of Tantra. Tantric massages however, do not originate in India and were developed in California as recently as the 1970s. These newer principles of tantra actually share a lot of the same principles as yoga, however they’re obviously a little more direct to the point and focused on sexual energies as well as your chakra.

What benefits come from tantric massages?

Tantric massages come with a plethora of benefits to your physical and mental health alongside an orgasmic experience that simply has no equal. Sexual energy is often misdirected or misused without us realising its full potential. Tantric massages help us learn how to use this energy for healing and to cleanse and purify the body which will help with a variety of issues.

These massages help to eliminate any energetic blockages your body might be housing, preventing your sexual energy from flowing freely through you. This happens through careful stimulation of pressure points and erogenous zones, similar to how a regular massage can help loosen your joints and make you feel like you can move more freely.

Tantra is also excellent for improving your libido due to the aforementioned removal of blockages to your sexual energy. They’re an excellent remedy for issues such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and low libido which can all bring heavy challenges into your sex life. Many of these dysfunctions can be reduced or even eliminated entirely through a tantric experience.

What to expect during the massage

The basic concept of a tantric massage is to make use of the body’s sexual energy, organs and erogenous zones to drive the receiver into a higher state of consciousness; similar to the Buddhist concepts of enlightenment. They begin with a full body rubdown which sets the mood for the rest of the service, heightening your senses and preparing your body and mind for the relaxation process to begin. Occasionally, your massage will be preceded by a light meditation session if your masseuse feels that you’re nervous or need a slow introduction to the relaxation before getting into the nitty gritty.

Once your masseuse is satisfied that you’ve reached an appropriate level of relaxation, she will begin to work her hands across the front and back of your entire body, carefully stimulating your erogenous zones and using your feedback to select which areas to work on. This is a slow and gentle yet methodical process and will alternate between light strokes and intense rubbing that will bring you to the edge of climax over and over again before finally releasing you from your frustration. Tantric massages require a bit of patience as once the climax happens, it’s an explosively orgasmic experience that simply cannot be replicated any other way.

In conclusion - relax within your comfort zone with Tantra

Tantric massages can be a mind-blowing experience quite unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before and are an excellent alternative to run-of-the-mill escort encounters if you’re feeling like enjoying something a bit different. They’re suitable for all genders regardless of sexual orientation and can also be a reinvigorating way to bring the spark back to your sex life should you share a couples massage with your partner. If you’ve read the article and would rather enjoy a regular escort service, you can view our range of London escorts over on our gallery.

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