Kensington Escorts Report

With a name like Rembrandt you’d expect to have a certain amount of style right? Of course you would. This guy was an artist, and a very good one at that!

Not far from South Kensington, Gloucester Road and Knightsbridge tube stations, The Rembrandt is pretty much in the centre of everything you could need in London to be perfectly honest. It’s not on its own in the area when it comes to luxury hotels of course; this district is very upmarket as you would imagine and is also home to Egerton House Hotel just up the road. However, the South Kensington escorts we represent have all given us excellent reports about the hotel and the level of service you receive at their hands.

Our South Kensington escorts love the hotel!

The rooms are very spacious, and this is just the standard type. The girls particularly like the spa baths and the bathrooms are large enough for more than a couple of people to have fun in, if you know what we mean! If you have a little more to spend and want to splash out, we would recommend getting a suite with balcony views like The Brompton Suite; very stylish.

You could quite easily spend your entire time in London in the comfort of The Rembrandt Hotel; and were it not for your other commitments whilst in the city, you probably would. The table service bar is open very late and you will find a nice mixture of clientele in there throughout the evening. There are enough quite little spots dotted around to have a more intimate conversation with your chosen companion and should you want to eat there, the restaurant is also very good indeed. The restaurant serves quality food, fresh and inventive, in a lovely Edwardian style dining room. You can also eat and drink in the conservatory or the bar should you wish.

Eating out nearby in South Kensington

Not that you’d want to eat anywhere but the hotel once you get inside, there are some nice places close by if you want to venture out and about with your South Kensington escorts. Maroush is a wonderful place. It’s a Lebanese restaurant that offers a fine dining experience in an atmosphere you’re not likely to find anywhere else nearby. The menus are delightful and inspired by traditional Lebanese cuisine, with some interesting, contemporary twists. We recommend ordering as much as possible if you can afford it, simply to try the flavours!

Is The Rembrandt Hotel escort friendly?

To be perfectly honest with you, there are few hotels that aren’t “escort friendly,” simply because to be like this would be to turn away a lot of business; and there isn’t a hotel in the city that can afford to do this, no matter how much money they’re making! All in all The Rembrandt is “people” friendly. They simply can’t do enough to ensure you’re well taken care of and you get everything you need. The only possible problem you might run into will be the elevator keycard system. Your room keycard operates the elevators, so you may want to meet your chosen companion in the lobby or bar before you retire to your room. Alternatively you could have a word with the main desk, they’re very helpful. Provided you book an escorts who is reasonably discreet you shouldn’t have a problem; and all the girls you book through us are very discreet indeed!

The Rembrandt Hotel - 11 Thurloe Place, London SW7 2RS

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