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03 November 2016

You can never book too early for real high class London escorts

These women are busy! And we don’t mean that they’re busy with other clients necessarily, we just mean they’re busy. Now, some don’t mind telling us what they do, whereas other high class London escorts would rather tell us to go whistle. And after all, it’s none of our business really is it? We just represent them!

All we’ve every learned in reality is that some have quite important careers in London, other than the escort business of course, and they would prefer to be quite private about what they do. This of course takes up much of their time, so they can’t be available day in and day out whenever the phone rings. It literally has to be out of office hours in most cases. However, never fear, because a vast amount of high class escorts do just this for a career and nothing else. But they like to keep themselves busy doing other things too, and keep themselves “ready,” if you will, for their clients.

They’ll never have too many clients

They’ll never take on too many clients gentlemen, of this you can be assured. This is why they appreciate advance bookings whenever possible. Too many clients leads to complacency and loss of interest in our opinion; and our high class London escorts agree with us. The girls we represent like to look forward to a booking with a client, especially if it’s a regular they’ve seen before and enjoyed themselves with.

They like to take their time and prepare for their meeting, like any woman would do if she was going on a hot date! And this doesn’t mean just hours of getting ready before they go out, we’re talking about prepping days in advance. Sometimes going to the hairdressers, or perhaps even to buy a new dress. So you see, the more notice you can give them, the greater the anticipation for them, as well as you! If you’re seeing multiple clients on a daily basis, how are you ever going to get overly excited about seeing any of them; things cease to be exciting!

Last minute isn’t always out of the question

Just because they’re busy, it doesn’t mean that they don’t often feel obliged to help you out. These are nice women we’re talking about after all! And you wouldn’t have it any other way, would you? There’s never any harm in calling the agency to ask if the girl you want to see is available or not. We will do our best to help you when you’ve told us the time you want them. We will get in touch with your chosen girl and explain the circumstances to them, and we’ll get straight back to you with an answer. Should the girl you choose be unavailable, we’ll more than likely be able to set you up with a suitable substitute.

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