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09 November 2016

Why some outcall London escorts are more expensive

It’s a simple case of mathematics gentlemen. You have to consider that the London escorts you choose has to get herself to your location. And forgive us for saying so, but many of you seem to be in a hurry!

This necessitates taking a cab in most cases. Besides, you wouldn’t expect one of our high class London escorts to get all dressed up in her best dress and heels to ride the tube would you? Wouldn’t that be a shame? And you can bet your life that she’d attract a whole shed load of unwanted attention from the other passengers. When you think about it, being a London cabbie must be a pretty good job, considering you get to see the best looking women in the city looking their very best!

Talking about cabbies, you must travel by cab occasionally in the city right? Well, you’ll know just how much a cab ride can be these days. They’re certainly not cheap! So in our personal opinion, if an escort, from any agency in London, is charging a little more for outcall escort services, we think it’s reasonable. They have a cab fare to pay, and they have to go out in the cold etc. and make that little bit more of an effort.

Do some London escorts exploit their outcall charge?

We have no doubt that some of them do, certainly, they’re only human after all. Most people these days are out to make as much money as they can out of any situation, so far be it from us to judge anyone. Whilst we don’t exploit people, we too are in business to make money! Park Lane Escorts do not overcharge when it comes to outcall bookings however, we are very clear on this issue.

No extra charge for outcall bookings at London Deluxe!

We’re clear about the issue because our outcall escorts don’t charge extra for outcall bookings! That’s right! In our opinion, you’re paying for a luxury London escort service, and you’re paying top dollar for it. So we don’t see that it makes much of a difference whether your companion comes to you, or you go to them. We like it to be the same price whenever possible. That way there are no complications. After all, we know you’ll be buying the drinks when they arrive!

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