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20 September 2016

Single in London

It’s one of the best kept secrets in the city gents, and only really those who read London escort agency blogs such as this are likely to know the answer. The only really effective way to stay single in London is to have your companionship needs taken care of regularly by professional London escorts.

It’s true gentlemen. If you don’t take care of your basic human need for female companionship, then you are liable to fall for someone you ordinarily wouldn’t bother taking time over, just in order to fulfil these instincts. It sounds harsh, but this is the main reason people have relationships. Trouble is, it takes a while before you realise just how irritating the person you’ve chosen really is!

No pressure from high class London escorts

You won’t get any pressure at all from high class London escorts. You go on the website, you choose one you like the look of and you book her. You enjoy a fabulous date with them, and then that’s it. Your needs are fulfilled and you can get on with your life. There is no need to make plans with them, cook for them, show them how wonderful you are etc. When it’s done it’s done, and the beauty is that next time you want company, you can book a different girl!

Now, imagine this. If you are seeing London escorts regularly to satiate your desire for female company, and then another woman comes along and knocks you off your feet, it must be the real deal right? It really must be something amazing if you’d give up seeing the most beautiful and professionally attentive women in the city for! So in a way, booking London escorts sets a standard for all other women that come your way. They may not be as beautiful etc. but if they can make you forget about spending time with the girls we represent, well then, they’re pretty awesome!

Couples aren’t all bad

Well, there is that to it of course. There are some distinct advantages to being in a couple. Your cost of living is reduced (sometimes!), depending on who you live with and what their standards are. You’re also guaranteed to have someone to talk to every night, someone to support you in times of difficulty etc. But what if you actually don’t want to talk to the same person every night for the rest of your life? What if you are already financially independent enough to survive and have a comfortable life? Let’s face it, being part of a couple, or indeed monogamy, aren’t for everyone. And when you can alleviate that consistent problem of female companionship with a London escort, it’s easy to be single these days!

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