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28 July 2015

London Luxury escorts

As plans are afoot to convert Millbank Tower into luxury flats, London luxury escorts all over the city are wondering if they’ll get to pay them a visit! We look a little closer at the new plans…

It first came to our attention in The London Evening Standard. The article goes into detail about the new plans to convert Millbank Tower and offers some insight into just what it’s all going to entail. It appears that there will be a lot more to look forward to than simply a number of flats. Something our London luxury escorts are going to find very interesting indeed!

How luxurious will it be?

The plans are for 200 luxury apartments, but they’re also planning on having the top storeys done out as penthouse apartments, and also a sky bar on the very top. This sky bar is certainly something our London luxury escorts will be looking forward to sipping champagne in. Imagine the views up there, they must be pretty awesome when you can enjoy them with good company and fine wine!

Getting around the location

Of course developers have been shrewd in their proposals. Millbank Tower and complex is actually listed, so the inclusion of a cultural centre has been proposed to better fit the surrounding area. You will of course be aware that Millbank Tower sits next to the Tate Gallery, close to The Houses of Parliament and the Chelsea School of Art. There aren’t many on Westminster City Council that would oppose such a place, in our minds at least. Since there won’t be any major plans to alter the appearance of this massive tower anything on the inside will be an improvement; some would argue a vast improvement considering its home to the Conservative Party campaign headquarters!

Hotel and spa for London luxury escorts

Well, not just for them of course, but we’re sure they’ll be spending some time there if everything goes ahead according to plan. Well, we hope so anyway! It’s all good for business. The plan is to incorporate a hotel, spa and fitness centre in the same location as the cultural centre. This is perfect for those international travellers that want to be close to the centre, The Tate and everything else. And of course if you are one of these international travellers, you will be very much looking forward to seeing just how fast they can get these alterations done and ready for business. In the meantime, you can always book London luxury escorts to meet you in any other nearby hotels!

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