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01 July 2015

London in-call escorts

It’s started already folks. The “heat restrictions” have started to wreak havoc among commuters in the city according to The London Evening Standard, so what else can you do other than visit London incall escorts…?

Of course you could think of a dozen other things to do, but they’re not better things are they? Be honest with yourself. In this weather, wouldn’t it be nice to relax in a cool London incall escort’s apartment rather than sweat it out in the pub or somewhere else equally as irritating in this heat?

Why can’t they just cool things down?

To be honest we’re not quite sure what all the fuss is about, but apparently they have a maximum heat that the underground is allowed to get to before they simply stop running the trains. You’d have thought that with all the money they’re spending on improving services they’d have some decent air conditioning on the tubes by now, rather than relying on that one window that the fat bloke always seems to stand in front of! Of course no amount of air conditioning can match the cool breeze blowing through the window of a London incall escorts apartment whilst she entertains you for an hour or so! You can see where we’re going with this, we’re sure.

You probably read all about the disruptions on Twitter as thousands of really annoyed travellers started tweeting about the events and their overall dissatisfaction with London transport as a whole. Really, your heart goes out to them when we pay enough in taxes to have something as simple as air conditioning on our public transport sorted out. Well according The Standard, it’s got the MPs up in arms and demanding to know why it isn’t sorted. Will this be something they will actually have an effectual influence over we wonder? Phones at London incall escorts agencies across the city must have been ringing like crazy!

So… Why go home?

In fact, when you’ve got something like this blame it on, why go anywhere at all? Simply look at our galleries and choose a companion who is located near to where you’re staying or work and pop around for a nice relaxing hour or so of pure indulgence. You can bet that all the girls we represent will be able to cool you off and paradoxically heat things up at the same time!

There are always new and exciting girls joining our team and we welcome you to call with any questions you may have regarding your booking. We aim to provide an excellent service and only represent those girls who already have a glowing reputation in the escorting community. See for yourself and browse the gallery

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