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21 February 2016

Let’s talk about high class London escorts

high class London escortsMany of our girls have been listed with us for a while now, and it’s been a lovely time indeed! We always welcome new escorts to London Deluxe, and we are experts in turning ordinary escorts into high class London escorts. It’s just something we’re good at. There’s no trick to this however. We don’t put them into a training academy or anything! This week we’re going to tell you how an ordinary escort becomes a high class escort.

Isn’t it just the price?

No, if that was the case, she’d be called a “high price” London escort. Many people do actually call their London escorts “high end” escorts, however, and this actually does appear to be a mere reflection in price. But as we have said consistently, high class London escorts are not labelled as such, simply because of their price. So the answer is no, it’s not just price that magically turns them at all.

This is how to create high class London escorts

You heard the secret formula here first gents, remember that! No, seriously for a moment now. It’s nothing that we do. It’s all to do with you. The clients, and what you do. High class London escorts are not simply categorised as such because they look good, or they have a particular skill set; although these things do help. It’s all down to who they get booked by, and the experiences they gain from these bookings.

That sounds simply right? Good, because it really is that simple. An escort can join us from another agency, and she can become a high class London escort within months, simply by dating the right clients. And we are very fortunate at London Deluxe to have a great client list. Virtually all the gents who book girls from London Deluxe are “high flyers” so to speak. Meaning that they are the ones that are already high class. They are the ones who stay in the best hotels, eat in the best restaurants and buy all the best stuff. It’s these guys who steadily, over time, help to develop an already very desirable young woman.

They do have to have a little something to begin with!

Of course they do. You can’t simply pour perfume on a pig, if you’ll pardon the expression! You have to have the raw materials to work with, and that’s where we come in. When we decide whether or not to represent a London escort, we will know instantly if she has what it takes to develop her skills and eventually become a high class escort.

So there you have it! High class London escorts aren’t simply born, they’re made. And more importantly, they’re made by you!

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