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04 August 2016

High class London escorts are perfect for lunch too

No, we don’t mean you should eat them! Clearly we mean that high class London escorts are just as perfect to book for a lunch date as they are for dinner. However, you’d be surprised how many gentlemen actually don’t do this…

We’re not entirely sure why really. Even if you’re a gentleman who would rather keep your booking a secret, there are enough lovely places in London to go for lunch where no-one knows you. Besides, having lunch with a beautiful woman is a lot easier to explain than dinner, right? When you think about it, if you are one of those men who struggle to find the time to book high class London escorts, a lunch date could be perfect. If you are already in a relationship with someone it becomes a little difficult to arrange dinner with an escort right? Lunch with high class London escorts

So you’re going to try a lunch date? Well, if you’re thinking about, we have a few suggestions for you:

• Brawn - 49 Columbia Road. It’s a highly affordable place to go for either a short period of time, or if you want to extend it, you can sip wine with your high class escort and have your lunch date turn into early evening! The Sunday lunch menu is pretty good too!

• J + A Café – 1-4 Sutton Lane. A busy café in East London, and a perfect place for a short lunch meeting, before going off to a hotel somewhere for a more private affair! The food is good and there are so many people coming and going, no-one will be interested in you!

• The Castle - 34-35 Cowcross Street. Never let it be said that high class escorts don’t occasionally enjoy some fish and chips and a pint! Well, maybe not the pint, but they do love a good pub, and The Castle in Central London is a lovely place, with fresh food, and vibrant atmosphere.

• Bar Remo - 2 Princes Street. A lovely little place behind Regent Street. It offers a surprising amount of privacy considering it’s in Central London. It’s a classic Italian menu, great service and a nice wine list. No frills, but very authentic and friendly!

You’ll notice that most of those above aren’t exactly five star places. However, this shouldn’t put you off. Just because they don’t have marble floors and waiters that look down their noses at you, it doesn’t mean that they’re not perfect for a brief lunch date. The vast majority of you will be heading off to your hotel room, or your high class escort’s apartment after lunch anyway, so they’re perfect to top up your energy levels and have a cheeky glass of wine!

Check out our high class London escorts now, and try something a little different!


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