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25 November 2015

Youthful London escorts

high class escortsAccording to a new article in The London Evening Standard, drinking beer can keep you young looking. We’ll go into that in more detail, but we’d also like to add that booking high class escorts can keep you young too!

The Standard aren’t going to write that article, we can promise you that, but we can! However, back to our favourite London rag for a moment. According to reports in The Evening Standard, going to the pub after work can give you a “better chance of 'doing a Clooney' and holding on to your looks…

Of course they’re forgetting all the negative effects of drinking after work, or on your lunch. What they fail to mention is the fact that many of us have quite addictive personalities. This means that many people are unable to just have “one or two” a day. They’re much more likely to binge and suffer as a consequence! The horrible truth to this drinking on a daily basis theory is that if you drink too much it will actually excessively age you.

High class escorts really can help!

However, in our professional and personal opinion, booking high class escorts will keep you younger. It’s all about having fun isn’t it? When you book an escort, say every month, or even every week, you’re going to be happier. And when you put two and two together, you have to admit that happier equals less stress. Less stress equals feeling, and more often than not looking younger!

Aside from the clear benefits of being happier, and of course having a hell of a good time at the hands of some of London’s best high class escorts, you’re going to be healthier! Stress is an enormous threat to anyone who has even a low level of responsibility at work or home. “The silent killer” they call it don’t they? Well we’d like to call our very special remedy “The secret cure!”

Make sure you take some time for yourselves gentlemen. It’s a stressful time of year. And do yourself an enormous favour – don’t follow all the recommendations you read in the Standard!

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