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15 September 2016

Enjoy the summer with high class escorts

Seriously, why would anyone decide to leave our London escorts to go abroad when it’s as hot as Bangkok out there? Seems ridiculous to say the very least in our opinion!

You can stay in your air conditioned apartment in London, or perhaps hotel, and book one of our high class escorts to join you for an evening of fun! Who needs a beach? Who needs the hassle of packing and catching flights etc. when you can simply pick up the phone and be in the company of a girl much more beautiful than you’d find on any beach, anywhere else in the world?

You see, the girls we represent at London Deluxe are indeed the most beautiful in the world. They come from all over to be represented by us, simply because they know that they’ll get the best bookings. They want to make good money, and they know that they’ll get good clients from a prestigious agency. Hell, some of them come to London with the express intention of just escorting for a living. Others are international models, or escorts on tour from elsewhere.

Cool bars for the summer nights with high class escorts

So where you going to go with your high class escorts? Might we be so bold as to suggest a few of London’s coolest, most “happening” bars at the moment? You can believe us when we tell you that we really do know what we’re talking about here. We get ideas from the escorts we represent all the time, so it’s only fair we pass them on to you.

NOLA - 68 Rivington Street, Shoreditch. A wonderful little cocktail bar that specialises in party atmospheres, live music and cool clientele! You’ll be playing with the hip kids when you drink in NOLA, so make sure you’re with a stunning young escort ok?

The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town - 12-16 Artillery Lane. A bizarre name we know, but it’s an even more bizarre bar. It’s actually housed in a basement and entry is granted via a fridge door in the back of a restaurant! Great fun, lovely cocktails and somewhere you simply have to see to believe.

Happiness Forgets - 8-9 Hoxton Square. Continuing the trend in hip speakeasy type cocktail bars, this little gem is truly wonderful. A great place to spend an evening sipping cocktails with a high class escort or two; depending on how hard you want to party of course!

Three of the latest places folks are talking about, and three places you should at least try. You don’t have to go with escorts of course, take along your mates if you like after work. But remember, when the guys have gone home, don’t forget to call us for some late night company!

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