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23 April 2016

Valuable Dating Tips!

high class escortsTips from a woman who sees many different types of men is sure to be helpful, so even though we may be shooting ourselves in the foot by telling you, here are some of the best dating tips you’re likely to find; and they’re all fully endorsed by our very own high class London escorts.

Smile a lot. Sounds pretty silly saying that right? But we have it on very good authority from our high class escorts, that no matter how bad your smile is, if it’s genuine, you’re going to be desired. Women want a happy person in their life. It’s really not about the “mean and moody” James Dean approach anymore; that’s for kids!

Be yourself. As long as you’re not an idiot of course, then try your best to be someone else! We’re kidding of course. Back to the first point about being genuine. You’re dealing with high class escorts here, not silly young girls. They’re going to know if you’re putting on an act, and your date will know too. There really is something to be said for “women’s intuition”.

Be confident. If your date is with you, then she obviously finds something attractive about you. She has, after all, agreed to go out with you! So take this feeling and allow it to make you feel confident about who you are and what you have to offer. Confidence is very attractive in a man.

Don’t be mean. We’re not talking about the nasty type of mean; we are referring to your generosity. Of course you’re going to pay for dinner when you’re booking escorts (you’re paying for her company after all), but you should always make sure you pay on your first date with any woman. Insist if necessary. You can be more relaxed about things if you have a second and third date.

Practice on high class escorts!

What better reason to book high class escorts than to practice your technique on them? Now you could argue that dating and booking hired companionship are two separate things altogether, and you’d be right, but they’re the “same ball park” as the yanks would say. As you’ve read so far, most of those dating tips simply the proper way to treat women, whether they’re escorts or otherwise; shouldn’t really matter right?

So you see, practising on escorts is really a good idea. If you make her genuinely happy, she laughs at your jokes and appreciates your efforts, you can quite easily transfer your successes to the dating scene. And we think most of those clients that visit us here at London Deluxe can tell whether or not someone is being genuine or not! You’re not idiots!

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